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Questions? Call us. (818) 861-7300

Internet Software

The internet can be a great resource for your business. However, to take advantage of all the features on our website and everything the internet has to offer, you'll need the right software. Below is a list of online software that will help you get the most from your internet experience. These programs are available for all operating systems.

Software Downloads:

  • Firefox is a free, open source web browser available from Mozilla®. It features tab browsing, spell-checking, pop-up blocking, session restore and RSS support, as well as phishing protection and support for add-ons for extended functionality.

  • Chrome is designed to be fast in every possible way. It's quick to start up from your desktop, loads web pages in a snap, and runs web applications lightning fast. Chrome's browser is clean and intuitive. You can search and navigate from the same place and arrange tabs however you like – quickly and easily. Chrome was built to be secure by default, and easy to use safely by everyone.

  • Opera is a free web browser and e-mail manager that offers many advanced features. It provides tab browsing, advanced security, individual site viewing preferences, a streamlined download manager, full support for style sheets and the ability to use add-ons to extend its capabilities.

  • Java software from Sun Microsystems® allows you to automatically and seamlessly run applications called "applets" within your web browser. Applets are used in many ways by websites to enhance your online experience. They allow you to do everything from play online games and communicate with people around the world, to view images in 3D and calculate mortgage payments.

  • Many documents available online now come in PDF format. Acrobat Reader for Windows is a free program from Adobe that will allow you to download and view them with ease.