Questions? Call us. (818) 861-7300

Questions? Call us. (818) 861-7300

File Compression

If you're downloading files off the Internet, or sending project files to us, you'll need a compression utility to make your files smaller. There are many low cost and free applications to allow you to archive or extract file formats, including .zip, .bin, and .hqx. 

Download compression utilities for Mac or Windows

  • This link will allow you to choose among a variety of Macintosh utilities for compressing and extracting data.

  • Choose among a variety of Windows applications for compressing and extracting data.

Download compression utilities for Linux

  • The popular GNU Zip compression utility. It is commonly used with TAR to provide an excellent archiving format.

  • An X-Forms-based compression utility that supports eight different compression formats, including Zip, gzip, bzip2, *nix Compress, tar, tar+gzip, tar+bzip2 and tar+Compress.